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  • I have done some research, and I know some herbs/capsules that will be beneficial for my health, can I buy the herbs without a consultation?

    An initial Ayurvedic or Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation is required before prescribing any herbs, formulations, or capsule recommendations. This is because everyone has a unique body constitution, and not all herbs/capsules are recommended for everyone. It is very important for the clinician to know your complete medical history, social history, and your body type before recommending or prescribing any herbs. These are just a few concepts that are covered in an initial Ayurvedic or Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation. Your clinician will also explain the best way to take the herbs/capsules based on dosage and the best time to consume the herbs.

  • Are herbs/formulations/capsules easy to consume?

    Although this varies from person to person, herbal combinations/formulas/capsules taste may vary; but your clinician will provide guidance on how to take those herbs for easiest consumption. Capsules are usually the most convenient for people to consume but this may still vary per person.

  • What do Chinese/ Ayurvedic herbs taste like?

    There is no standard answer when it comes to herbal taste because each herb can have a different flavor. So, depending on what herbs are in your formula, it can taste earthy, bitter, sweet, savory, spicy, flavorless, or most commonly a combination of these flavors. Herbal formulas/combinations may come in different forms such as raw, powdered, granules, tablets, or capsules. Capsules and tablets will generally be flavorless unless chewed, whereas other forms will have some taste as mentioned before. Your clinician will provide guidance on the most convenient or safest way to take an herbal prescription/formula.

  • What happens if I miss a dose?

    There are some general rules that apply to missed doses: If it has been less than 2 hours since your missed dose, go ahead and take it. Then keep taking later doses as usual. If it has been more than 2 hours since your missed dose, the answer depends on how often you take your herbal prescription/formula. - If you usually take it once or twice a day, it’s probably safe to take it as long as your next dose is not for another few hours. - If you take it three or more times a day, it’s usually safer to wait and take your next dose at the regular time. - Try to be consistent as possible and follow your clinician's instructions. You can also contact us at with missed dose questions.

  • Is it okay to take these herbs/capsules/formulation along with my current medical prescription medication(s)?

    Yes. The general rule is to take herbal/capsule prescriptions 1 hour apart from your Western prescription modifications, but it is important to tell your clinician about all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and supplements you take since there are certain medications and herbs that are more likely to interact than others. Your clinician will prescribe herbs that do not interact with your Western prescription medications.

  • Why use herbal medicine?

    The use of herbal medicine is one of the key components in alternative medicine/practice. It aids in health promotion, managing your condition(s) and is generally perceived to be a safer alternative. There are a growing number of research studies documenting the efficacy of herbal medicine for management of health condition(s).

  • Are Chinese/Ayurvedic herbs or formulations safe to consume?

    Yes, when administered properly herbs have a profound effect on the human body and are safe and effective. Although rare, when side effects do occur, they are generally limited to gas, indigestion or changes in bowel habits and will stop when the herb’s use is discontinued. To prevent future recurrence, our clinicians can modify the formula by adding herbs that improve digestive function to reduce side effects. Minimizing side effects while maintaining clinical efficacy is a chief benefit of Chinese herbal formulas/ Ayurvedic Medicines. Unlike drugs, herbal medicines have a comparatively gentler action and ability to modify for individual needs, thus reducing the potential for side effects.

  • What should I expect while taking herbs/ formulations?

    When taking herbs and formulas, people generally notice gradual improvement in their symptoms. Improvement tends to be quicker with shorter-standing and acute conditions and may take longer with chronic conditions or problems that have been happening for a longer time. Depending on the herb, changes people notice can include appetite, bowel movements, improved sleep, decreased stress, decreased pain, and/or higher energy levels.

  • Are there any dietary guidelines I should follow (such as coffee, menthol) which will alter an effectiveness of the herbs/formulation?

    Often clinicians will provide dietary advice along with herbal prescriptions. Following the dietary advice, which may include foods and beverages to avoid or favor, can enhance the beneficial effects of the herbs, and help your condition of concern improve more quickly. When dietary advice is not followed, the positive effects of the herbs are lessened.