What to Expect

Our sessions range from 20 minutes to 110 minutes.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled session to allow time to fill out intake forms. It should also be noted that if you are late for your session, your time does not get extended but completes at the appointed time.

At the start of your session, you will be asked a few preliminary questions to determine your overall health and condition. Taking into consideration your health history, lifestyle, as well as areas of physical pain, and stress, your massage therapist can tailor your session accordingly. Your session may be a full-body massage or a deep focused massage to precisely address your needs.

Before we begin, we will leave you in private to remove your clothing to your comfort level. Please remove all jewelry and other articles that might interfere with your massage. You will then lie on a massage table covered by a sheet.

The session will begin with an assessment of your pressure preferences (light, medium, or deep pressure). Your preference and comfort will be checked throughout your session. During your session, we may dim the lights and play music to help you relax. Oils or lotions may be used to help movement and techniques. If you are allergic to oils or lotions, please advise us beforehand.

Once your session is completed, your massage therapist will discuss with you a customized plan that will help address your health needs and wellness goals.

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