What to Expect

We are committed to providing our patients with high quality healthcare and chiropractic experience. We work on educating our clients throughout their treatment so they will better understand how chiropractic care encourages the body’s natural ability to self-heal and improves their overall health.


Your first chiropractic experience can take roughly around 60 to 90 minutes. Your time is valuable, to expedite the process, we urge you to fill out your new patient forms in advance and bring them with you.

On your first visit, we’ll begin with an evaluation of your health history, current condition and symptoms and concerns. You’ll receive a thorough health examination involving blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and palpitation of the spine to assess how our chiropractors can best improve your health. If more tests are required (such as x-rays) to properly evaluate your condition, your chiropractor will tell you right away.

Diagnoses and Evaluation

Based on the results, your chiropractor will formulate a personalized treatment plan to address your specific situation. Your plan will address your ongoing chiropractic care, including the frequency and number of sessions you will require. Our chiropractors will walk you through their assent and diagnosis, explaining how it’s implicating your health and demonstrating how joint dysfunction is affecting your mobility and range of movement.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan. We are here for your health and enjoy educating our patients on how chiropractic care can improve their health naturally.


Your first visit may consist of treatment or an adjustment which takes generally about 20 minutes. Adjustment is a key component of chiropractic care, as proper structural alignment is vital to proper function and health. These adjustments will usually occur in the spine, but they can be performed on any joint throughout the body. Using controlled precise pressure, your chiropractor will correct misplaced spinal vertebraes to restore proper function and structure to your body.

Your treatment plan might be accompanied by activity advice, hot or cold packs, electric stimulation, rehabilitation exercises, and other types of therapies as well as nutritional guidelines, stress management, and lifestyle recommendations.

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