Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine is a 3000+ year old holistic, natural health care system that categorizes body patterns into types of diagnoses that correspond with treatment options. These treatment options include cupping, moxibustion, herbal and nutritional therapy, therapeutic massage (tui-na), breathing exercise (Qigong), and acupuncture—the stimulation of specific points along the skin with fine needles to promote and enhance the flow of energy (qi). Each of the treatment options encourage the restoration of body functions to promote natural healing, strengthen immunity, and support physical and emotional health to achieve general well-being and disease prevention.

At SCU Health System, you can expect a person-centered, customized diagnosis and treatment plan specific to your needs that focuses on the body as a whole integrated system. Eastern Medicine is a holistic way to foster your body’s natural healing, and restore balance and health in your life.

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