Sports Injury Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

Injuries are painful and can keep athletes from playing to their full potential. At the Sports Medicine Center, our goal is to help injured athletes recover as quickly as possible and prevent future injuries from occurring. Although there are times when medications or surgery may be required, we focus on helping people to recover and stay healthy using the safest, least invasive methods possible. These methods include exercises for flexibility, strength and stability, manual therapies, exercise programs, and nutrition and dietary advice.

Treatment of Shoulder, Knee, and Other Joints

The Sports Medicine Center also specializes in conservative orthopedic care for non-athletes and seniors. Orthopedic care includes care for injuries to joints such as the shoulder and knee. Our approach is to accurately diagnose your condition and suggest the least invasive treatment approach to help you become pain-free and return to your regular activities as quickly as possible.

Sports Physicals

If your school or organization requires an examination for pre-participation clearance, you can trust SCU Health System’s Sports Medicine Center to complete a thorough examination to help you start your season off right. Our doctors are up-to-date on the latest research and issues in athlete health, including concussions and eating disorders, so you can feel comfortable that our examinations will be thorough and address any special concerns.

Medical Coverage at Athletic Events

Our Sports Medicine Department provides medical coverage at athletic events throughout Southern California. Our team’s practical knowledge combined with field experience in injury prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation makes us the team of choice for your next event. We work with you to ensure athletes are safe and have peace of mind so they can perform at their highest level during your event.

If you have a game, tournament, or event you would like us to cover, please contact us.

Just a few of the clubs and events that we proudly support:

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