Sports Medicine


Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down

At SCU, we are redefining sports medicine by getting patients better by utilizing an active care approach, while employing traditional, proven methods to relieve pain, restore functionality, and prevent future injuries. Our belief is that rehabilitation and therapy is an active process. We require our patients to participate in their treatment and physically move throughout their recuperation. By recreating the pain or injury inducing activity, healing is accelerated. Our process allows us to better evaluate your condition, provide targeted treatment, determine its effectiveness, rebuild your body’s strength, and get you back to doing what you love faster.

Our facility and integration with human performance enables us to tailor our approach based on your individual needs. Whether you’re an athlete training for the Olympics, a casual exerciser maintaining fitness, or a senior looking to be more active, you will receive high quality medical care and rehabilitation to get you back to your everyday life and activities.

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