Stress, Sleep, and Pain

Many people who suffer with chronic pain have to deal with increased stress as well as poor sleep. Successfully treating pain, of course, will make stress and poor sleep much less of a concern. What do you do when stress and poor sleep interfere with your body’s ability to get well and cause pain to persist?

Most people in pain have had the all too common experience of finding that stressful situations increase pain. Unfortunately, our body is designed for this reaction. If the stress is prolonged, the effects on health can be damaging. Part of the response to long-term stress may be a sustained increase in certain hormones and inflammatory chemicals that can make pain worse and slow your body from recovering from pain and injury. A lesser recognized stressor is the contribution that poor sleep plays in inflammation and incomplete recovery from pain.

There are some powerful but often ignored solutions we offer that almost anyone can use to reduce the effects stress and poor sleep have on pain and inflammation.

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