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SCU Health System, a component of Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU), founded in 1911, is a unique, university-based healthcare facility offering integrative, relationship-centered care.

SCU Health System combines millennia-old, natural therapies with cutting-edge science.  This Healthcare Evolved mentality sets SCU apart from other providers and creates the highest level of patient satisfaction.


Healthcare Evolved


SCU values its patients above all. We empower you to make informed decisions about your health. Although we commonly treat people who come to us because of a health condition, injury, or illness, we believe that prevention is the most optimal solution for health and can help you transition from illness care to wellness care.

Integrative Healing

We believe that no single approach, treatment, or healthcare provider is equipped for every scenario that may arise in a person’s health. That’s why we embrace a wide variety of specialties and provider types, and address mind, body, and spirit as part of our commitment to helping people achieve their best possible health.


At SCU Health System we apply the best available evidence from scholarly research and extensive practice experience to your health and wellness plan. This allows us to offer you the most reliable, least invasive treatment options available for your individual healthcare needs while being proactive about your individual health.

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