Chiropractic is a safe and cost-effective approach to health. Manipulation, also called chiropractic adjustments, continues to meet the threshold of scientific scrutiny for many neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to the adjustment, chiropractors often advise and instruct on posture, stretching, exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition, hydration, and stress management as part of the care plan since they emphasize health, wellness, and injury/disease prevention along with recovery from pain. SCU’s Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC)/SCU Health System has been training chiropractic doctors for 100 years.

Satisfaction with the chiropractic approach to spine care ranks in the high 80th and into the 90th percentile as demonstrated by public, Medicare, and Tricare (Veteran) patient polls. As primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being, doctors of chiropractic provide qualified, effective care to over 35.5 million American adults who seek chiropractic care each year to promote health, alleviate pain, and improve quality of life. Approximately three in four of these adults (77 percent) describe their chiropractic treatment as “very effective,” with 80 percent agreeing that the quality of care was a good value for the money.

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