What to Expect at Your First Ayurveda Session

Your first Ayurveda session will begin with your practitioner asking a series of questions regarding your lifestyle, preferences, and diet. They will then perform a physical examination. The questions and examination will help determine your unique constitution and your current state of imbalance. Your constitution and imbalanced doshas (energies circulating in the body) will formulate the basis for your treatment and guidelines.

Following the identification of your imbalanced doshas, you may receive therapeutic advice tailored according to your constitution and condition. Ayurveda aims to prevent and manage diseases by establishing balance through nutrition, herbs, therapies, yoga, and daily and seasonal routines. Your practitioner will provide you with a series of nutritional and herbal recommendations, as well as lifestyle guidelines specific to your body. These guidelines will help to maintain balanced doshas for a healthier well-being.

Additionally, one or more specific ayurvedic therapies may also be advised/done during your visit. These therapies include: Abhyanga (body massage), Shirodhara (oil dripping treatment over the head), Shiroabhyanga (head massage), Kati Basti (back treatment), Janu Basti (knee treatment), and Greeva Basti (neck treatment). To find out more about our treatments, check out the therapies page.

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