Our 5’ 1″ daughter’s dreams of playing volleyball at a Division I level would not have been possible without the disciplined process that Kris Kimura and his [coaching staff] offer. The program not only builds physical strength but mental as well, and that prepared our daughter to compete at a high level with confidence. The skill set training was invaluable, but the most important part for us as parents, is the integrity, character and sportsmanship values that were modeled for her. Priceless!

Rich & Annette A.
Whittier, CA

Not only did [the] program increase my vertical by five inches in the first three months of training and strengthen my body, [the] coaching strengthened my mind and it was that mental strength that took me to the next level.

Kyle S.
Whittier, CA

At 47, I found myself in a sport that I thought I could never do. Three 1.5-hour sessions a week, I’m in the best shape ever. Without any real athletic background, I’m now training for Olympic Weightlifting competitions. Coach Kris and Coach Andy are great. They’re professional, patient, and friendly. They’ll push you, but will let you progress at your own pace.

Even if you’re not into lifting heavy weights, they’ll help you with general physical conditioning to meet your fitness goals. I highly recommend SCU Human Performance.

Andy C.
Redondo Beach, CA

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had coaching in various sports (from mediocre to world-class), and I can say the level of coaching at SCU Human Performance is superb. You will get hands-on instruction and personal attention every class. Personally, I just go to lift, but I definitely see other athletes doing sport-specific training. The more advanced students get individual workout sheets to match their current training needs and development cycle. The level of detail to an athlete’s progression is quite impressive.

The students include Crossfitters, competitive athletes in various sports, to just recreational trainees. There’s even a senior citizen learning to lift. No matter your current level of physical conditioning, it’s never too late to get into shape or develop your strength.

William K.
Los Angeles, CA

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