How much do SCU Human Performance training programs cost?
We understand the financial constraints that many families and teams are currently experiencing and strive to maintain affordable pricing without sacrificing our quality of training. We offer a variety of programs, training frequencies, and contract durations in order to meet as many athletes’ needs as possible. For training cost and details check out our pricing page or contact us with the specifics of your training needs, and we will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.
Can I attend a trial session before I make a commitment?
Yes. We strongly encourage all athletes to attend a free trial session prior to signing a contract with us to ensure that we are the best fit for your training needs.

*Restrictions apply – trial class is not offered for summer session training.*

Is my child old enough to train with weights?

There are more and more young athletes lifting weights as part of their training for sports and athletics. Previously, there were many that discouraged the participation of children and young adolescents as a result of the misconception that training with weights can cause injury or have adverse effects on growth. Through research, we now know that properly supervised weight training can have many positive effects on sports performance, health, and psychological well-being, even among youths.

The positioning statement from the National Strength and Conditioning Association describes in detail that weight training in children and adolescents is not only safe, but also beneficial.

How is SCU Human Performance different from other training facilities?

SCU Human Performance differentiates itself from other training facilities in three key ways: individual training programs for each athlete; periodic measurement of goal attainment; and the whole-athlete approach.

All training programs are designed with an athlete’s particular sport, position, and individual needs in mind. A single training session may consist of a team of athletes or athletes from different sports, but each athlete’s workout will have differences based not only on their sport and position, but also on their specific strengths and weaknesses as identified by performance during workouts and periodic testing.

Regardless of the program, all new athletes begin with testing for strength, power, flexibility, body composition, and sport-specific speed and agility. These tests are repeated at regular intervals throughout the calendar year so that athletes, coaches, and parents can track progress and the coaching staff can redesign workouts accordingly.

We recognize that all athletes benefit not only from attention to physical development, but also from attention to the mental and moral aspects of athletics and life, so our coaching staff incorporates all areas of an athlete’s life into their training. Because Human Performance is part of SCU Health System, our athletes also benefit from convenient access to all of SCU Health System offerings from Sports Medicine to the Institute for Integrative Medicine and Wellness.

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