Human Performance


Athletic Performance Optimization

Being the best isn’t just about talent—it takes the right training. Our Human Performance team is dedicated to maximizing your individual athletic potential and to bringing out the champion within you.

We utilize scientifically proven methods to customize and tailor our training to accommodate each athlete’s specific sport, position, and needs. Our aim is to advance an athlete by improving their speed, strength, power, conditioning, and agility to help them compete at their highest level.

In addition to the training of our athletes, we offer services geared towards general fitness for non-athletes, such as boot camps and personal training.

What Makes Us Different

Individualized, sport-specific training – We design all of our training with an athlete’s particular sport, position, and needs in mind. A training session may include athletes from a variety of sports, but each individual athlete’s workout is designed specifically for them. We go beyond just sports-specific training by further customizing exercises based on an athlete’s goals, strengths, and weakness.

Periodic testing – Regardless of the program, all new athletes begin with testing for strength, power, flexibility, body composition, and sport-specific speed and agility. Periodic testing is scheduled throughout the calendar year to assess progress and performance, and modifications to workouts are made accordingly.

Whole-athlete approach – We recognize that all athletes benefit not only from attention to physical development, but also from the emphasis on the mental and moral aspects of athletics and life. Our coaching staff incorporates all of these aspects into our athletes’ training.

Additionally, because Human Performance is part of SCU Health System, our athletes benefit from convenient access to all of the center’s offerings, from Sports Medicine to the Institute for Integrative Medicine and Wellness.

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