Fitness and Human Performance


Southern California University Fitness and Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Program focuses on individuals, companies, and tactical athletes by enhancing their athletic ability, maximizing their energy, and improving overall well being leading to an increase athleticism, higher quality of life, and a more productive employee.

The SCU HPO model combines a specific approach of strength, speed, agility, mobility, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and recovery strategies. By incorporating our method into your lifestyle, it will allow each person the ability to perform at a highest level, while at the same time decreasing the potential for injury and eliminating everyday aches and pains. Our capabilities include fitness programming, management, and staffing; proven tools to attract, engage, and retain members; behavioral change enterprise solutions to reach your population in and outside the facility; highly skilled, personable, and trained staff; and innovative human performance solutions that drive outcomes.

We believe there is science and art in the programming and delivery for corporate wellness companies. The ‘science’ combines research findings, behavioral change theory, and best practices to support the principle that healthier lifestyles can reduce risks, produce positive outcomes, and help contain health care costs. The ‘art’ is in the design and customization of the fitness and human performance programs, services, educational messages, marketing, and communication materials to fit the unique needs and learning styles of individuals within a client corporation.

We offer group training, personal training and corporate training packages. Call us for any questions how we can help you achieve your goals.
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