Center for Healthy Living


Live to Your Full Potential

Utilizing integrative healing techniques like Ayurvedic Medicine and Massage Therapy, our Center for Healthy Living comprehensively addresses all aspects of your health—mind, body, and spirit.

Your health depends not just on the body, but also the mind and spirit. Our integrative approach to medicine addresses all of these factors as a whole to develop prevention-focused solutions.

What is “Integrative Medicine”?

Sometimes called “holistic medicine,” integrative medicine describes a philosophy of care that focuses on the patient as a whole—mind, body, and spirit. Mainstream medicine tends to place the emphasis solely on a patient’s body, which overlooks other significant contributors to ill health. We feel that our patients are more than just the sum of their diseases and should be considered as whole human beings in order to offer the best possible diagnoses and treatments.

What is “Wellness”?

Wellness is a term that describes the quality of your health beyond the absence of symptoms or disease. A person may be disease-free for many years before unhealthy habits manifest into illness. For instance, a heavy smoker could go decades before developing lung cancer. Was that person healthy in the years leading up to the cancer? They may have been without disease, but they were not leading a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Our goal is to strive for lifestyles that are known to be healthy and that can keep your risk of future complications to a minimum at all times.

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